Window Tint

At Maximum Audio Video we use the latest technology to ensure a near perfect window tint job every time. No longer does the widow tint professional have to use razor sharp stainless steel blades that can leave marks on the glass or cuts the factory rubber gasket. We use a state-of-the-art Roland CAMM-1PRO computer plotter teamed with DigiTint Sebring computer software to ensure the most accurate window tint pattern results. The DigiTint software ensures that the tint is perfectly shaped to the factory glass and eliminates the need for hand tracing which does not compare in edge quality Tracing on your glass or rubber gaskets Trimming of the window film.

Benefits of Maximum Audio Video Window Tint

  • Hand tracing cannot compare in edge quality
  • No tracing on your glass or rubber gaskets!
  • No glass scratching, no window rubbers cut!
  • Unparalleled computer accuracy!

Better Window Tint Solutions from Maximum Audio Video

We specialize in window tint for your home, business, automobile or boat. The most common question about tint is, “How much?” Price is always a sensitive topic but many other factors must also be taken into consideration. Heat rejection, glare rejection, and clarity should be the primary goals in a quality tint purchase. Who would want to drive a car with purple or blurry film that lets heat in? Another issue of concern is warranty. Most tints promote “lifetime warranty”. Some warranties are full of jargon and fine print while others can promise you the moon until you need them. We promote brands such as 3M Scotchtint and Solar Gard.

When dealing with Buzz-Off and name brands you can trust, your tint warranty will be the last item to loose sleep over. As consumers ourselves, we don’t disregard any concerns. We will show you of the different products available to help you decide the one best suited for YOU!!! We have many window film choices to choose from. Our in store display will show the varieties and our knowledgeable sales staff will have the answers to all of your questions. Remember tint is similar to sunglasses. Simply bring you eyes to our store and we will show you what you need to know about tint.

Additional Window Tint Services

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