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Home Audio SpeakersMaximum Audio Video in Tampa is renowned for our excellent selection of home audio speakers. Many people think that the classic floorstanding and bookshelf speaker design has given way to compact soundbar solutions. The reality is, each has their place in a modern entertainment system. Let’s look at how speakers vary by application and how we can make every part of your home entertaining.

The Importance of Home Audio Speakers

You can invest thousands of dollars in a pre-amp, processor and amplifier, but without great speakers, all those components do is sit on your shelf. The speaker is responsible for converting that analog signal into sound waves. The more accurately that conversion takes place, the more realistic your music will sound.

Speaker Installation and Placement

Where your speakers are located have a dramatic affect the way your system sounds. In a classic two-channel listening system, you’ll want to be equidistant from each speaker. In a theater application, the left, center and right speakers should surround your viewing screen. The side, overhead and rear speakers have their own optimal placements to ensure effects are accurate.

Our installation team is here to help, no matter what you need. We can run wiring, mount speakers in walls or ceilings, configure your surround system and much more. All you have to do is ask.

Speaker Styles

Home Audio SpeakersThere are thousands of different speakers on the market. They come in every conceivable size and shape, each designed with a specific goal in mind. Let’s take a look at the nine most common speaker solutions.

Floorstanding Speakers

A floorstanding speaker is designed to provide exceptional frequency response and amazing dynamic range. From the highest of notes from a violin to the emotional impact of a pipe organ or synthesizer, floorstanding speakers do it all.

In terms of dynamic range, most floorstanding speakers use large drivers or multiple medium-sized drivers to create realistic volume levels. Floorstanding speakers require moderate amounts of power to be driven. Where you will locate your speakers is an important consideration.

Bookshelf Speakers

Home Audio SpeakersWhile similar in their midrange and high-frequency performance as a floorstanding speaker, the compact size of a bookshelf speaker limits low-frequency response and their maximum output level. The tradeoff is the ability to integrate with your environment. Quite literally, a set of bookshelf speakers will work fantastically nestled in with your monthly reading or collectibles on a shelf.

The versatility of bookshelf-sized speakers is extended when combined with a set of stands. These speakers can take a prominent position in the listening room. When combined with a dedicated subwoofer – the performance can be mesmerizing.

The Center Channel

Perhaps the most often misunderstood of all speaker types, the center channel is the most important speaker in a home theater system. When the producer and sound engineer are mastering your favorite film, the majority of the dialogue of the actors on the screen is reproduced by the center channel. As such, natural tonal balance and extended frequency response are critical to a realistic listening experience.


Home Audio SpeakersDedicated subwoofers are capable of reproducing frequencies down to, and below the audible listening range. From your favorite movie effects to the realism of someone tapping their foot on the stage, a subwoofer brings those sounds to life.

We offer conventional subwoofers and concealed systems designed to fit underneath or behind your couch. We also have in-wall, in-ceiling and in-floor solutions.

Surround Speakers

Designed primarily to reproduce special effects in home theater systems, surround speakers are often compact designs that fit on a shelf or can be hung on a wall. We also offer in-wall and in-ceiling solutions that integrate with the design of your room.

Architectural Speakers

When it comes to providing great sound without any significant effect on the décor in a room, architectural speakers are the solution. Our in-wall and in-ceiling speakers can deliver great sound in your media room, kitchen, bedroom or even in the foyer or front hall. The Invisible Series of speakers from Sonance are just that – completely invisible once installed.

Landscape and Outdoor Speakers

Home Audio SpeakersMost people think of rock speakers when they think of outdoor solutions. Our offerings include wall-mountable enclosed solutions and weather resistant in-wall and in-ceiling solutions. If you want great sound in your entire backyard or garden, our distributed speaker solutions will ensure comfortable listening everywhere. We even have in-ground subwoofers to warm up the sound.

Networked Speakers

The popularity of Sonos and DTS Play-Fi speaker solutions can’t be ignored. As long as you have a power outlet and WiFi access, you can set up a new speaker in minutes. Using an application on your smartphone or tablet, you can choose from your favorite streaming services for non-stop hassle-free entertainment. These speakers trade some amount of performance for their convenience.

Sound Bars

The range of sound bar solutions is quite vast. Options range from inexpensive stand-alone powered solutions to premium passive solutions suitable for custom home theater installations. The typical compact size of a sound bar makes it an appealing video entertainment system upgrade.

Maximize Your Sound at Maximum Audio Video

No matter what type of home audio speakers you are after, Maximum Audio Video will have a solution. If you aren’t sure what is right for your application, we are here to help with that as well. Drop by the store and speak with a member of our home entertainment team. If you have any questions about our home speakers, give us a call or send an e-mail using our online contact page.