The McIntosh MHP1000 headphones are a circumaural model, which means they feature a closed design that ensures maximum isolation from the distractions of the surrounding environment. They are bass ported to assist with lower frequencies, and they have a response rating from 20 kHz to as low as 5 Hz. With the acclaimed Tesla driver assembly, the headphones bring the sound qualities of a full McIntosh system to a personal setting—offering smooth tonal balance and crisp treble.

“The MHP1000 does so many things well, it is a remarkable achievement… It is hands down the best closed-back headphones I’ve heard to-date… It will keep any headphone aficionado happy.”

XL_MHP1000_MCT450_MC152_C47_XR50RW_no_grilles02The construction of the McInotosh headphones is top quality, using premium Italian leathers and metal alloys to produce a comfortable, relaxed fit. As a result, users should have no problem enjoying long, intimate listening sessions with very little aural fatigue. The design of the headphones includes subtle references to traditional McIntosh styling, such as the McIntosh-blue 3.3- and 9.8-foot cables that are included, and the shape of the ear cups, which resembles the control knobs on the company’s legacy gear.

“Extraordinary performance, timeless designs and impeccable build quality” are what you’d expect from a pair of McIntosh headphones according to HiFi Insider’s Michael Liang, and he states the McIntosh MHP1000 meets those expectations. They are “comfortable during extended listening periods” thanks in part to their “substantial soft leather covered ear pads” and their light yet secure feeling clamping force. Vocals come through the “neutral sound signature” with “an excellent balance of detail and resolution without being bright” while “seriously deep base” is enjoyed on Hotel California by The Eagles. They “excel” at imaging as the “position of vocalists and instruments are clearly defined within the soundstage.”

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