Apple Music is coming to Sonos on December 15 in a public beta program with general availability to start in early 2016.

Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room, or every room and allows control of your music with one simple app, and the ability to fill your home with pure, immersive sound.

Apple Music is coming to the Sonos smart speaker system

With Apple Music on Sonos, the songs you love wake you in the morning. Surround you all day. And fill every moment under your roof with more magic.

“The introduction of Apple Music marks an inflection point for streaming and its mass adoption,” said Sonos CEO John MacFarlane in a statement. “Now that we have access to virtually all the music on Earth, how music lovers listen to it is even more important. We are honored to bring Apple Music to Sonos listeners all over the world.”

This will be Apple’s first integration into third-party hardware for its music streaming service and will enable Sonos users to access Apple Music features “For You,” “New,” “Radio” and “My Music.”

“Many of our members love Sonos and want to enjoy our service throughout their homes,” said Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue in a statement. “We’re thrilled to be working with Sonos to provide the Apple Music experience in even more places fans enjoy music.”

Sonos recently updated its flagship Play:5 Speaker which contains three sub woofers, three tweeters, six WiFi antennas and six drivers and new Trueplay software. Trueplay is the Sonos software that allows Sonos users to tune their speakers to better fit in with the unique acoustic environment of any room or space using the microphone in an iPhone or iPad.

“Suddenly, the speaker knows where it is and it morphs itself inside the home,” said Giles Martin, the sound experience leader at Sonos and a Grammy award-winning music producer.

With the addition of Apple Music to the Sonos streaming ecosystem, Sonos becomes a more fantastic place to enjoy music!


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